Discovering Economics 8th ed

New edition revised in line with the current SCSA curriculum

For Year 11 ATAR students in WA schools.   Published January 2024.


  •     What is economics?
  •     Demand and supply
  •     Elasticity
  •     Market efficiency
  •     Market failure
  •     Macroeconomic activity
  •      Economic growth
  •      The business cycle 
  •     Inflation
  •     Unemployment
  •     Government in the Macroeconomy

ISBN. 978-1-875313-65-5.    Retail price   $77

Sample pages

Clear explanation of theory and concepts, with integrated models. Lots of data and graphs from data sources such as the ABS and RBA. Chapter sections have review questions.

Discovering Economics Study Guide

For Year 11 ATAR students in WA schools.   Each of the 11 chapters has section learning exercises such as a glossary / outline of key concepts; comprehension worksheets; data analysis exercises which develop mathematical techniques and analysis; economic articles based on media releases and news items about current events; matching terms; true / false etc. These are followed by exam format questions  - multiple choice; data interpretation and extended answers. At the end of each chapter, there are answers to selected questions, including some that scaffold the answers ( expository writing  steps etc). Over 200 pages.

ISBN. 978-1-875313-67-9.    Retail price    $40

Teaching slides for Year 11 teachers - 2024

Update coming in late January just in time for school year. Revised to match the 8th edition of the text, and the current Year 11 course in WA. Each chapter file has between 30 and 70 slides (Powerpoint format) that address key concepts and skills in the curriculum. Many slides include notes that expand on the information on-screen. Some apply ‘animations’ to help teachers explain steps in understanding a concept or skill, such as the calculation of an index number or a growth rate. There are two ‘sets’ of slides - Microeconomics for Chapters 1-5 of the Discovering text, and Macroeconomics for chapters 6 - 11.  The price for each set is $90. A free sample set (the inflation chapter) is available here


Investigating Macroeconomics 7th ed

Published January 2023. Very recent data on trade, the business cycle, economic policy and productivity news. Chapters include learning exercises, including a worksheet (comprehension questions); multiple choice questions (emulating the ATAR standard); data manipulation and interpretation activities; the use and application of economic models; news articles or media releases with questions; and extended written answers..


  •     Global interdependence
  •     Free trade and protection
  •     Australia’s pattern of trade
  •     The balance of payments
  •     The terms of trade
  •     Exchange rates
  •    Foreign investment
  •     The business cycle
  •     The aggregate expenditure model
  •     Aggregate demand and aggregate supply
  •     Economic policy objectives
  •     Fiscal policy
  •     Monetary policy
  •     Structural change and productivity

ISBN. 978-1-875313-62-4.    Retail price    $88


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