Specifically written for the Year 12 Western Australian secondary schools Economics (ATAR) course.



  1. Global interdependence
  2. Free trade and protection
  3. Australia's pattern of trade
  4. The balance of payments
  5. The terms of trade
  6. Exchange rates
  7. Foreign investment
  8. The business cycle
  9. The aggregate expenditure model
  10. Aggregate demand and aggregate supply
  11. Economic policy objectives
  12. Fiscal policy
  13. Monetary policy
  14. Structural change and productivity


Each chapter has learning exercises including a worksheet (comprehension questions); multiple choice questions emulating ATAR standard; data manipulation activities; graphical techniques; data interpretation and extended written answer topics..

New for 2019




5th edition

ISBN 978-1-875313-52-5 (print)

978-875313-53-2 (digital)

Published January 2019



Greg Parry and Steven Kemp


304 pages




Available as a digital book (pdf)

through Campion Education.

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Discovering Economics


5th ed


Greg Parry and Steven Kemp

Contents also relevant to courses in other states:

  • NSW  Preliminary and HSC courses;
  • core topics 1 and 2 in Queensland;
  • units 1 and 3 in Victoria; and
  • stage 1of the South Australian SACE course.

Specifically written for the Year 11 Western Australian Economics (ATAR) course.



  1. What is economics?
  2. Demand and supply
  3. Elasticity
  4. Market efficiency
  5. Market failure
  6. Macroeconomic activity
  7. The business cycle
  8. Economic growth
  9. Inflation
  10. Unemployment
  11. The balance of payments
  12. The public sector
  13. Macroeconomic objectives and performance



ISBN 978-1-875313-50-1

Published January 2018


300 pages



Sample pages

Now available as a digital book through Campion Education.


Something for free:  Previous editions of Discovering Economics had an appendix "Economic Reasoning and Interpretation".

This was not included in the fifth edition, but a copy of the chapter (pdf) can be obtained from here.


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