New for 2022 - Discovering Economics 7th ed

Significantly revised to include information and data about current economic events. 

For Year 11 ATAR students in WA schools.   Published  January 2022.


  • 1.     What is economics?
  • 2.     Demand and supply
  • 3.     Elasticity
  • 4.     Market efficiency
  • 5.     Market failure
  • 6.     Macroeconomic activity
  • 7.      Economic growth
  • 8.      The business cycle 
  • 9.     Inflation
  • 10.     Unemployment
  • 11.     The balance of payments
  • 12.     The public sector
  • 13.     Macroeconomic objectives and performance

ISBN. 978-1-875313-59-4.    Retail price    $74

A digital version is available (ISBN 978-1-875313-61-7). Contact us for details on how to purchase.

New for 2022 - Discovering Economics Study Guide

For Year 11 ATAR students in WA schools.   Each of the 13 chapters has section learning exercises such as a glossary / outline of key concepts; comprehension worksheets; data analysis exercises which develop mathematical techniques and analysis; economic articles based on media releases and news items about current events; matching terms; true / false etc. These are followed by exam format questions  - multiple choice; data interpretation and extended answers. At the end of each chapter, there are answers to selected questions, including some that scaffold the answers ( expository writing  steps etc).

ISBN. 978-1-875313-60-0.    Retail price    $34

Investigating Macroeconomics 6th ed

For Year 12 ATAR students in WA schools. Published in January 2021. Each chapter has learning exercises including a worksheet (comprehension questions); multiple choice questions (emulating the ATAR standard); data manipulation and interpretation activities; use and application of economic models; news articles or media releases with questions; and extended written answers.


  • 1.     Global interdependence
  • 2.     Free trade and protection
  • 3.     Australia’s pattern of trade
  • 4.     The balance of payments
  • 5.     The terms of trade
  • 6.     Exchange rates
  • 7.    Foreign investment
  • 8.     The business cycle
  • 9.     The aggregate expenditure model
  • 10.     Aggregate demand and aggregate supply
  • 11.     Economic policy objectives
  • 12.     Fiscal policy
  • 13.     Monetary policy
  • 14.     Structural change and productivity

ISBN. 978-1-875313-57-0.    Retail price    $82

A digital version is available (ISBN 978-1-875313-58-7). Contact us for details on how to purchase.


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